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Atelier Galeria FFAC, Porto, 2024


Exhibition Disappearance by Clara de Cápua. Atelier Gallery FFAC, Porto, Portugal, 2024. Photograph by João Rey.

When examining a more comprehensive set of creations by the artist Clara de Cápua, considering works materialized between 2019 and 2024, we perceive her recurring concerns and her undeniable discernment about the turbulent times we are experiencing. We live in a fleeting, shallow time, a time that strips away the depths of our experiences, inexorably influencing our notions of history, as well as our understanding of memory, belonging, and permanence.

In her visual poetic, the artist amalgamates different eras and moments, creating timelines and juxtapositions, not to standardize what is placed side by side, not to reproduce the compression of a time so centered on the now, but rather to provide a suspension of everyday time, enabling a dive into a time based on sensitivity, inciting diverse constructions, leading us to understand a spiral temporality, intertwining present and past to delineate the future.

On one hand, Disappearance brings the idea of the act or effect of disappearing, and within this term lies the word appearance. Not coincidentally, this was the word chosen as the title of an exhibition presenting intervened images where people—and also a landscape—are removed, erased, and/or crossed. In each apparently empty space, we can insert infinite specters and thus build within the image what we project from our own repertoire, overlaying our stories onto those that are not enclosed.

In her aesthetic investigations, Clara de Cápua demonstrates how not even a stone has its duration and immutability guaranteed, revealing the force of the action of time and the beauty in the inevitable transformation of materials. Thus, we can recognize, in what a more hurried glance might judge as morbid symbols, a tremendous pulsation of life.

Tales Frey


1. the same, the others (series), 2023.
Intervention on photographic reproduction, variable dimensios. Edition 1/3 + 1 PA

2. they (series) , 2024.
Photographic reproduction and epoxi resin, v
ariable dimensios.

3. all rivers are the same river, 2020
Video, sound, color, 4’54’’. Edition 1/4 + 1 PA

4. book to disappear (polyptych), 2022.
Photographic print on fabric, 25 x 40 cm each. Edition 1/5 + 1 PA

5. seven studies on absence (series), 2020.
Cutout on photographic reproduction, variable dimensions.

6. Olga, 2021
ntervention on photographic reproduction, 1,3 x 22,8 cm. Edition 1/3 + 1 P.A.

7. Romilda 2021
Intervention on photographic reproduction, 32 x 24 cm. Edition 1/3 + 1 P.A.

8. little stone #13, 2019.
(series: little stones). Indian black ink on paper, 18 x 18 cm.

9. there is someone in my mirror and it's not me (series), 2023.
Charcoal and graphite on paper, 28 x 38 cm each.

10. Eighteen images to watch the time pass (polyptych) 2021.
Cutout on photographic reproduction, 9 x 12 cm each.​ 
Edition 1/2 + 1 P.A.


Exhibition Disappearance by Clara de Cápua. Atelier Gallery FFAC, Porto, Portugal, 2024. Photographs by João Rey.


Promotional flyer for the exhibition Disappearance by Clara de Cápua. Atelier Gallery FFAC, Porto, Portugal, 2024.


Clara de Cápua: Disappearance

Atelier Galeria FFAC, Porto, Portugal

May 25th until June 15th 2024

Curatorship: Tales Frey

Organization: Porto ao Porto
Production: Fabiano Fernandes
Photos: João Rey

Acknowledgements: Carla de Cápua, Galeria Ocupa, Giuliane Sampaio, Hilda de Paulo, Luís Fernando Macedo and Maria Laura Buffo. 

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