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contra.porto, 2023, 10’32”, full HD 16:9, sound, color. Edition: 5 + 2 P.A.

open teaser

This video is part of a serial project that begins with the work contra.tempo. Through a very slow walk, I play with notions of visibility and invisibility of the body amidst the urban landscape. Here, in a tourist location in the city of Porto, with the river in the background, the sounds of the city overlap each other. A frustrated attempt of speech is also diluted among the noise.

2023     Pequenos Formatos. Collective exhibition. Curatorship: Fabiano Fernandes. Atelier Galeria FFAC, Porto, Portugal.


Record of the video on display in the collective exhibition Pequenos Formatos, with the video contra.tempo. Atelier FFAC, Porto, Portugal, 2023.

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