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64 for nothing (64 pra nada)

64 pra nada_Clara de Cápua_02_baixa.jpg

64 for nothing, 2020. 3'52''. Full HD 16:9, mute, color. Edition: 4 + 1 P.A.

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Created during the COVID-19 pandemic, the video deals with the repetition and mirroring of a body that finds itself in front of its own company.


2021     Paadmaan Video Event #2. Internacional Festival. Sharif Gallery, Tehran, Iran.
2021     WATERPIECES – International Video and Contemporary Art Festival. Internacional Festival. NOASS Art Centre, Riga, Latvia.
2020     XV SIMULTAN Festival – UNSEEN. Internacional Festival. Comenduirea Garnizoanei, Timișoara, Romania.
2020     V FRESTA Mostra de Audiovisual Experimental. Universidade Federal do Rio Grande – FURG, Rio Grande, Brazil.
2020     Empena na Quarentena. Mostra de Videoarte. LONA Galeria, São Paulo, Brazil.


64 for nothing on display at the collective urban exhibition Empena na Quarentena, by LONA Galeria, São Paulo, Brazil, 2020.

64 pra nada_Noass_Riga1.JPG
64 pra nada_Noass_Riga2.JPG

64 for nothing on display at international festival WATERPIECES – International Video and Contemporary Art Festival, at NOASS Art Centre,

Riga, Latvia, 2021.

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