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look at this image when you forget the original

(artist notebook)



look at this image when you forget the original, 2021. Artist notebook. Mixed technique. 80 pages, 21 x 14.8 cm.
link to view the complete notebook

Family memory and its manipulation is a subject that has been with me for some time. In look at this image when you forget the original, as in a kind of drawn photo album, I rescue portraits of some women in my family, starting from my maternal grandmother's generation until the oldest that I was able to locate in images. Amidst the portraits, the backs of the photographs are also drawn, revealing different messages and dedications. As a counterpoint to the past, a series of self-portraits is presented, as well as the manipulation of texts that mix my personal memories with theirs. The seam between these times and universes gains materiality in some sewing lines applied to the leaves. Sewing lines that are also drawn alongside thimbles, needles and hands that are intercalated in the tacking of the portraits. Between images of childhood, maturity and old age, the notebook deals directly with temporality, alluding to the passing of time and death. What remains when we are no longer here?


2021     Cadernos de artista. Collective exhibition. Curatorship: Eder Ribeiro. Anexo LONA, São Paulo, Brazil.

Records of the work at the exhibition Cadernos de artista, held at Anexo LONA, São Paulo, Brazil. 2021.

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