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eighteen images to watch the time pass



Eighteen images to watch the time pass (polyptych), 2021. Cutout on photographic reproduction. 9 x 12 cm each. Edition: 2 + 1 P.A.

In Eighteen images to watch the time pass, the cutting on photographic reproduction is combined with the search for a transition between reality and fiction. The work's starting point is a single photograph that presents a portrait of a group of people, possibly a family, possibly my family. In a sequence of 18 reproductions, I continually cut the figures in a cumulative manner, alluding to a chronology of death. In other words, with each new cutting, I tried to suggest a fictional narrative of the family's deaths.


2021      Identidades Vernaculares. Collective exhibition. Curatorship: Eder Ribeiro. Casa Contemporânea. São Paulo, Brazil.

Eighteen images to watch the time pass at the collective exhibition Identidades Vernaculares. Casa Contemporânea, São Paulo, Brazil, 2021.

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