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contra.tempo, 2020, 13’05”, full HD 16:9, sound, color. Edition: 5 + 2 P.A.

open teaser

By portraying the path of a body that walks very slowly in a busy place in the city – Viaduto do Chá, in São Paulo –, the video contra.tempo plays with the opposition between internal and external time, as well as the isolation which is evident from this discrepancy. As a shock of the urban experience, the action borders on invisibility in a city that finds no ways of welcoming what is out of its own rhythm.


2023     Formatos em vídeo. Collective exhibition. Curatorship: Fabiano Fernandes. Fábrica Behring, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
2023     Pequenos Formatos. Exposição Collective exhibition. Curatorship
: Fabiano Fernandes. Atelier Galeria FFAC, Porto, Portugal.
2020     Festivau de C4nn3$ - A Marcha Audiovisual. Online Videoart Festival. São Paulo, Brazil.


Record of the video on display in the collective exhibition Pequenos Formatos, with the video contra.porto. Atelier FFAC, Porto, Portugal, 2023.

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