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until death do them part


Clara de Cápua_Olga.JPG

Olga, 2021. Intervention on photographic reproduction. 31,3 x 22,8 cm. Edition: 3 + 1 P.A.

Clara de Cápua_Romilda.JPG

Romilda, 2021. Intervention on photographic reproduction. 32 x 24 cm. Edition: 3 + 1 P.A.


Therezinha, 2021 (diptych). Intervention on photographic reproduction. 31,5 x 42 cm each. Edition: 3 + 1 P.A.


Carla, 2022 (diptych). Intervention on photographic reproduction. 42 x 31,5 cm each. Edition: 3 + 1 P.A.

In this small set of works, through manipulation of my ancestors' wedding photographs, I seek to provide reflections on the field of sexuality, as well as questioning some patterns inherent to heteronormative relationships. Wedding photographs have by nature a formality that seals a symbolism: husband and wife, until death do them part. In each of these works, I seek to question these symbolic patterns through two forms of manipulation: first, through digital editing, I replace my ancestor's face with mine, then, on photographic reproduction, I manually cut it out the figure of the groom. Through this double intervention, the series seeks to stimulate the drive for plural narratives that cross and question the traditional idea of marriage.


2023      XIX Congrès International de l'ARIC and II Congrès International de l'ÉDIQ. ULAVAL. Quebec, Canada.

2021      Acervo Aberto II. Collective exhibition. LONA Galeria. São Paulo, Brazil.

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