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the same, the others (as mesmas, as outras)

as mesmas as outras_2.jpg

Clara de Cápua, as mesmas, as outras, 2023. 7'24'' (versão looping), full HD 16:9, sound, color. Edition: 5 + 2 P.A.

open teaser

In this video, I manipulate identification photographs to blend my own face with those of my ancestors. Through this manipulation, multiple visages are constructed and deconstructed, alluding to a search for a face that is never fully complete. The video is a development of the homonymous series (the same, the others) of photographic manipulation.

there is someone in my mirror and it's not me. Solo Exhibition. Curatorship: Tales Frey. ZSenne art lab, Brussels, Belgium.


Documentation of the artwork exhibited at the solo exhibition there is someone in my mirror and It's not me, held at the ZSenne art lab in Brussels, Belgium, 2023.

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