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all rivers are the same river (todos os rios são o mesmo rio)


all rivers are the same river, 2020. 4’54’’. Full HD 16:9, sound, color. Edition: 4 + 1 P.A.

open teaser

The video presents in two simultaneous angles the process of erasing a pencil portrait, created four months after my father’s death. Even if the action is completed, the memory of ancient traces still remains on paper.​

This vieo is part of a larger project, also titled all rivers are the same river, created in memory of my father.


2020     Corpo Brasileiro #3. Collective Exhibition. Curatorship: Petr Hošek. Mala Voadora, Porto, Portugal.
2020     Corpo Brasileiro #2. Collective Exhibition
. Curatorship: Petr Hošek. HošeContemporary, Berlin, Germany.

all rivers are the same river on display in the collective exhibition Corpo Brasileiro #2, at Hosek Contemporary, Berlin, Germany, 2020.

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